Texas Shooting

Sunday, November 5th, 2017 a gunman walked into a Baptist church in Texas and murdered 27 people.

Some media outlets have since reported that the gunman was a militant Atheist. There have been some folks that have been quite keen to point this out to us. Honestly, who can blame them? Many of us have pointed out the religious convictions of mass murderers when it felt apt. We all root for our own teams.

When confronted with this information, my response is this: If this person was the militant Atheist he has been described as, then we own that. Some people from all races, creeds, and religions have committed egregious acts of violence.

This is not evidence of leftist violence, rather,  it is proof positive that the gun violence problem cannot be solved by pointing to religious zealotry. The problem is systemic and the system has failed an entire church full of people.

While our community may have to own the fact that an Atheist committed this act, this gunman was not only an Atheist, but an American. A human.

We all own this.

Consequently, we all need to give a little to the solution. We need to put the needs of civil society above our own, self-centered desires. Above all, we need to stop pretending there is nothing we can do about this problem and try SOMETHING.

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